Please feel free to ask for testimonials from current and past parents, and also for the opportunity to discuss the preschool with them. 

Another opportunity to meet current students and parents will be at our next Open House. Please register your interest to attend and enjoy a thorough introduction to the school, to browse materials, and have questions answered. 


Press Comments

Spanish For Toddlers has been receiving some press coverage recently as it has the benefits of second language immersion schooling.  Click here for press articles. We were featured in a National Public Radio Broadcast May 31st, 2006.  Click here for broadcast link.


A few short comments:
"Beautiful materials" " My kids learn the words, 
games and songs so easily"
 "A great school that leaves
myself as stimulated and 
motivated as my boys"
 "What I love about this Montessori
School is that it is really focused 
on the children; they have a 
great time."
 "We sing Spanish songs all the way home" " My boisterous child really 
concentrates with Miss Maria"
 "They just love the opportunity to do real things for themselves. The self-direction and self-discipline is amazing" "I chose Maria's program year after year, as I knew the children would be extremely well cared for, as well as enjoy the unique environment"   


Recent Testimonials:

"I am a parent of three, and have been involved with Maria Van Dyke's program since its infancy. I chose to send my 2 year-old son to Spanish for Toddlers because I felt that exposure to a foreign language at this young age was both invaluable and irreplaceable - never again would my child's mind be so open to learning another language. I did not, at the time, think that he would be using the language on a regular basis outside of preschool or my home (I am a "fan" of Spanish, not a native speaker!). Rather, I approached this opportunity of early exposure to foreign language as a chance to strengthen the child's brain, engaging those areas that may otherwise lay dormant and go unused. The additional exposure to another culture, provided through native Spanish festivities and stories, was simply icing on the cake.  I watched with joy as my son gained confidence in his Spanish skills and his social skills as a result of the program.Nick moved on to Montessori preschool having acquired skills in another language as well as socialization, which made his transition to preschool a smooth one. Years later,  he remains one of the brighter students in his class.  When my daughter reached the appropriate age, I did not hesitate to enroll her in Maria's growing school. Veronica loved being at Spanish for Toddlers so much she would often refuse to leave!  Additional to this, the signs of her assimilation of the Spanish language were unmistakable - she was able to listen to and follow commands in Spanish, to sing, name objects, etc., within a few short months.  All of this occurred in a loving, safe and nurturing environment. The only reason my third child is not with Maria's program is that we are currently on assignment out of the country. An unexpected gift of Maria's program was that for my children, this move was not their first encounter with a culture different from ours. Once again a transition made smoother by our participation in Spanish for Toddlers. In short, Spanish for Toddlers has benefited our family in more ways than we ever imagined, and we are so grateful such a unique program was available to us!" "When we decided that our daughter would attend pre-school, I spent a fair amount of time asking around, attending pre-school open houses and reading "the literature." While Steve and I were not searching for that first stepping stone to the Ivy League, we were looking for more than a glorified play group. I was torn, for the more I read, the more I wanted to send Ella to a Montessori pre-school; however, I truly felt that we were not ready to be apart seven hours a day, every day.
We feel that it is essential that Ella eventually speak a second language, a skill that had, regretfully, eluded us both.
And then I stumbled upon Maria at one of the open houses. She was speaking to someone in Spanish and having taken two years at the college level, I could understand - maybe - every fifth word. Even so, Maria was not intimidating or overwhelming. Really, I was just sad that, after all that time and money spent, I was still not capable of engaging in a conversation with her. I absolutely do not want my daughter to feel such regret.
It is impossible to describe how wonderful Maria is. Indeed, I was trying to explain to another mother at the park last week just what it is that makes Maria such a fabulous teacher, yet had to search for words. Perhaps it is that she has young children herself that she relates so well to the children. Or maybe it is that her patience could be bottled and sold for a mint. Most telling, however, is that Ella asks every morning, "Do I go to school today, Mommy?" She cannot run to the car fast enough if the answer is "yes." The other five days, Ella wonders aloud if Maria misses her as much as she misses Maria. Ella says that she likes Maria "because she's every kid's best friend."
Last week, Steve dropped Ella off at school. Ella was so excited that she tried to run into the classroom wearing her backpack. Maria calmly said "something" in Spanish, and Ella dutifully turned around and put her backpack where it belonged, then grabbed Maria's hand and went to class. Steve was stunned that Ella not only listened, but apparently did as she was asked - the first time!
I do not hesitate to give Spanish for Toddlers, and Maria, my highest recommendation. We could not have found a better fit for Ella, and cannot wait for her sister to enter the program."

Lesley McIntyre
Steve McKenney 



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