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Founder's Welcome

Welcome to our school!  The idea of Spanish Immersion may seem a little strange, especially if, as a parent, you do not possess the knowledge of Spanish language.  However, let me assure you that it will come very naturally to your child, and your child will enjoy the challenge of learning their special skill.  A young child learns so much in his or her formative years, and a second language is accepted just as another fun challenge amongst many others in their early childhood.

Our curriculum includes routines, individual work and group activities which will unify your child's social, physical and academic functioning.  Our environment will help your child gain an understanding of themselves, and also a strong foundation with a positive attitude to school and learning, an inner security and self-direction.  The Montessori approach will encourage life-serving skills in your child, such as curiosity, initiative, concentration, decision-making and responsibility.

Let me introduce myself!  I am Maria Van Dyke, founder and director of Spanish for Toddlers. I have lived in Michigan since 2001 and started Spanish for Toddlers in February 2002, after some parents from my community expressed an interest in their children playing and learning in Spanish.

Originally from Mexico, I am fluent in English, have a Bachelor's degree from Texas A&M International University and have received full Montessori training.  I am also a mother of 10 and 13 years old, so I understand how precious our children are to us, and how we wish to do the best for them and provide them with a strong foundation for their future.

Should you have any question at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.  My telephone numbers are 248-597-9932, 248-797-6947 and my email is spanishfortoddlerspreschool@gmail.com